Monday, 18 March 2013

Spending Ban: Update One

I have been a tiny bit stressed this week... But I have not spent a penny I shouldn't have *yay*, Ollie however did treat me to some things (which I didn't ask for).
He bought me:

  • A dress- £10 from Primark
  • 2 body butters- £10 from Body Shop!
  • A shower gel- £2 from Body Shop.
So a grand total of £22, in gifts that I didn't ask for. Normally when I'm stressed I spend spend spend.. So I'm quite proud that I haven't spent any money this week! :D

I have made a wish list of all the things I have wanted to buy but resisted because they weren't necessary..
Here they are:
  • A family size bar of Galaxy (I find it hilarious this is the first thing on my list)
  • Facemask- Cupcake from Lush to be exact
  • Bathbombs- Enchanter from Lush (always on my wish list)
  • Hair dye (I'm very thankful I resisted this as I had an urge to go back dark!)
  • More Magazine
  • Eye Make-Up remover
  • Moisturiser

So One week down and I'm feelng good! Spent so far- £0 :D!

Nicola Mai..x


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