Monday, 4 March 2013

Maybeline Rocket

 Well well well, the mascara everyone has been talking about and reviewing. Now here is my two cents and it aint gonna be pretty!
First thing I would like to mention is that I LOVE Maybeline mascaras, the two I use on a regular basis are Maybeline (Collosal Volum' & The Falsies) and I find it hard to fault them. Second thing, this mascara is not one of them. For me anyway.

I absolutely fell in love with the packaging, it's bright and fun and obviously drew to my eye in Boots. However I was very disappointed when I found out this mascara had a plastic applicator, as I don't tend to like these and felt I wouldn't get on with it (I was half right)

As you can see from the pictures above this mascara does give my eyelashes some length and I love the deep dark black, however this is no more than my Collosal Volum' does for my eyelashes and I was expecting something different.
Different is what I got, clumps, sticking towards my eye, the applicator also scratched my eyelid and when it came to taking this off ripped my eyelashes out with it (Ouch!), which made it very painful to put mascara on the next day.

Now I don't like to do negative posts but the only thing I liked about this was the packaging and the colour of my eyelashes. I was simply disappointed which is a real shame for me because I rate Maybeline mascaras more than most. I will not be repurchasing!

What have your experiences been with this mascara?
Do you have any mascaras you'd like to recommend me?

Nicola Mai..x


Colette said...

oh I hate clumpy mascara! It's so uncomfortble!


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