Monday, 11 March 2013

Ollie turns 21!

So as some of you may know from previous posts my lovely boyfriend turned 21 yesterday (March 10th) and as part of his celebrations I took him to London for the day :) Here are some of the pictures we took on the day, I thought using collages would make the post less picture heavy for you to read.. :)

Obviously the first thing I want to mention is the food we ate, I didn't get to my size without enjoying food ;)

We enjoyed some dim sum and cocktails at Ping Pong on London's South Bank, he food was both amazingly presented and tasting! I would highly recommend anyone visiting Ping Pong if you enjoy Japanese style food. The cocktails were also rather lovely, we only had the whole day ahead of us, but I enjoyed a rose and lychee martini (very strong) and Ollie chose their twist on a Pina Colada.

Later in the day we went to one of our favourite places ever, Wagamama, now we don't have one in Peterborough so if we travel anywhere and they have one we tend to eat their. As you can see from the bottom line of pictures the food is beautifully presented and we enjoy trying to use the chopsticks ;) Once again I was incredibly happy with both the service and the food. Good times!

Next up; some touristy bits. Ollie went to his first library ;), we went on the London Eye (Ollie had never been on!) and took some typical London Eye shots. Obviously took some pictures of Big Ben and even went to visit the Queen's pad- I also had a look in the gift shop next to the palace and saw the most amazing tiara ever!  After a walk around London we spotted Westminster Abbey and it looked so pretty lit up at night that I couldn't resist snapping a picture.

Okay so this was the most exciting part for both of us, you wouldn't believe we are 21 and 22, we went to the Aquarium! Ollie had never been and I had only visited once so I booked us some tickets. I am obsessed with turtles so got very very excited when I got to them... I have chosen one of many pictures I took of them. I was also amazed that they now have penguins! Even though the sound penguins make terrifies me- don't ask- they are hilarious animals to watch and even started having a little fight with one another.
I should also note that I really want a jellyfish, how gorgeous are they?!

Some normal pose/vain shots of us on our travels- from these pictures I have realised I need a haircut badly!

This was the cake I picked up from Patisserie Valerie, it's absolutely divine.. I can't even tell you.. On the plus side it's not sickly! I thought it would be when I first chose it but it's just.. mmm!

Then a quick shot of Ollie and the present I bought him, this picture doesn't do the guitar justice but he loved it and I had to take the opportunity to snap a pic while I could.

Nicola Mai..x


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