Monday, 18 March 2013

The Body Shop

So even though I was on a Spending Ban this week Ollie and I went shopping the other day and walked past The Body Shop- they had a sale on! Ollie is a mind reader and said I could choose a few things because I've been having a stressful time lately (whatta babe!) so I choose a couple of bits.. It could've been much much worse, who can resist a sale?!

So here's what I bought :)

I'm going to talk about the body wash first, I took a few pictures and they just didn't look right... But anyway I got the Vineyard Peach body wash for, wait for it!... £2.. I could have bought 10 or more of these. The smell is obviously peach, but so refreshing. I love this, I've never bought a body wash from The Body Shop before but I'm so glad I picked this up. I will most definitely be buying more of these.

I then had a look at the body butters which were reduced from £13 to just £5! So I figured it was only right to get two :P I picked up Passion fruit and Raspberry and oh my word, the smells are just amazing! If you like strong fruity smells then these are for you! (They do of course have non-fruity smells). I am using the Raspberry one currently and it's leaving my skin so soft, I can't fault it at all! I will buy these again and again and I have loved them from being about 14.

I guess it's always good to go back to a brand you've forgotten about!

What are your favourite skin care treats?
Are you a fruity girl? (wheeeh!)

Nicola Mai..x


appletoothpaste said...

whenever i want the body shop body butters i just move straight to superdrug and get their body butters from their own range, they're about £3 and i see no difference in quality from the body shop ones, a great little treat! x

nicola smith said...

I've never ventured to Superdrug for bath type stuff before, I may have to have a look! :)
Yeah I couldn't resist when I saw that they were £5 each!

Katy Dobinson said...

Body Shop Body Butters are just the best & a bargain too x

nicola smith said...

They make me feel do pampered and lovely ☺ x

Alice Snell said...

I have the strawberry body butter, its probably my favourite!
Great post, Alice xx

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