Monday, 4 March 2013

Photo Diary

1) Candles while I write my essays, 2) The lovely flowers Ollie got me for our anniversary, 3) Pepsi sleeping like a weirdo.
4) Plum lips and pose! 5) Cocktails! 6) First full length shot I've been happy with in years! :D
7) Chloebo and I :) 8) Dressing up in my sisters panda onesie 9) Where I have lived for the past month!


Jen Hounslow said...

Where is your sisters onesie from?

nicola smith said...

@Jen Hounslow she got it off Ebay, it came from Japan :) It's one size fits all, fits me, my sis, my brother and we range in height and size :) xo

Jen Hounslow said...

Thanks, been looking for one for ages but find that type of thing never usually fits my body type or height! I end up feeling like I'm being chopped in half! x

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