Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lush Haul :)

There should be no surprises from me when I say that I went to Lush, but I went to Lush! While I was in my local branch (Peterborough) there I got talking to the lovely Lisa about bath stuff (obviously), work, life, flowers and our kitty cats! After a lengthy chat and a store to myself (Monday afternoons are brilliant if you hate busy shopping centres) I was surprised that I didn't come out with more.. But here we go.

Mum's Tulip*- £5.25
Well well well, this little beaut not only smells divine, with a mix of chocolate and orange, but leaves me with a bath full of bubbles! I love the whole bubble wand concept that Lush have as I would say it's the lazy girls version of a bubble bar as all you have to do is run it under running water, you can swish it around in the water too if you like. The wands give you just as many bubbles as the bubble bars and smell just as amazing. this also left the water with a slight tinge of orange (but nothing as bright as what you'll see later!) Mum's tulip left my skin feeling soft and nourished and I am very disappointed that they're only a short term thing as I would 100% buy this over and over again!
I also thought it was a really cute touch that the label actually has seeds running throughout, so I can plant it! Stuff like this makes me a little bit excited!!

The Brightside- £4.25
This is heading way up my list of my favourite bubblebars, not only do I adore the bright swirl of orange, red and yellow, whenever I pick this up to use I instantly feel so much better about everything. The Brightside turns the bath water a vivid orange colour and fills the bath full of foamy fragrant bubbles. The fragrance itself is of course citrus, but especially orange (what else would you expect from this colour?) I really love this bubble bar and I hope Lush never gets rid of it, I may cry if that happens as I can't get enough! As this is a bubble bar you can of course re-use it, which makes it amazing value for money :)

Magic Mushroom- £3.50

One of my oldest loved friends, Magic Mushroom! I was lucky enough to spot this on the Retro section of Lush's website and immediately put a few in my basket. I remember when I first ever used this and got just as giddy this time round. The top of this bubble bar as you can see is bright red, but has a soft vanilla fragrance.. I'm not normally a vanilla scent lover but this is just the right touch, the stem is scented like strawberries so mixed together you have the perfect summery/spring mix. Like every other bath bombs this leaves my bath full of massive bubbles and leaves my skin feeling soft and lovely.

The Enchanter- £3.20
I fear I may go onto a slight bit of a rant so bare with me because I absolutely LOVE this bathbomb, what I don't love is the fact it is being discontinued :( the reason; people don't know how to rinse their baths out! :@ A few people have complained to Lush that this bathbomb leaves a pink ring around their bath after they get out, now I don't know about you but I clean the bath out after I use it.. So this would never have happened. *sigh*

Anyway, back to the review! Like The Brightside bubble bar this makes me happy straight away, as you can see from the picture above the bomb is yellow and orange and fizzes away like crazy. There is then a little surprise in the middle, bright pink! I got so excited when I first used this and even now I get a little buzzed whenever I use it; I'm slightly odd. The fragrance that fills the bathroom around you is a fun and fresh lime and neroli which are used as boosters in order to make you feel happier and they certainly work.

I'm sorry but look how amazing this colour is!

I will also note that while in a conversation with the lovely Lisa I mentioned earlier we were discussing how The Enchaner is like the Twilights zany cousin while Twilight is dark and mysterious- interesting!

What do you think?
What are your favourite Lush products?

Nicola Mai..x


Katie Davies said...

Great post, very informative! Love The Brightside - so pretty! Going to have to get me one of those. Is GFC really closing? I was going to follow you via it :(


nicola smith said...

Hey hun, thank you for your lovely comment! :)
I think it is, I now have a Bloglovin account which you can find a little blue link box for over that way... ----> :)
I will have a look at your blog tomorrow as its late, but thanks again :)

ReNu said...

I just hauled at Lush! Bought the Karma bath bar because of the orange colour! And some other stuff. Here's my haul:

nicola smith said...

Oo I love Karma too!
Ill check it out :) x

Jordan Hathaway said...

I love 'the brightside'! Love how pretty it looks too x

nicola smith said...

It smells so amazing too! I can't get enough of it :) x

Anonymous said...

Really forgot how much I love Lush soaps and the amazing colours until I stumbled across your blog. Thanks for posting, even if it does mean I go on a splurge this weekend!


nicola smith said...

Ha, I'm sorry (a little part of me isn't!)
Everyone needs Lush in their life!
Glad you enjoyed :) xx

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