Sunday, 9 September 2012


I don't use a lot of skincare stuff as I try to avoid using a lot of product on my face. I do however use a few things to keep spots away and make my skin feel lovely and fresh!


I found these a couple of years ago, i'm a lazy person first thing in the morning and also hate getting my face wet so I tend to steer clear of face washes as much as I can. These are the next best thing, if not better! A small circular pad can be used on the whole face, you get just over a months worth in each pot, which means they're also value for money. They don't have an acidic smell and leave my skin feeling lovely and smooth.
I use this facemask every so often, normally when I feel my skin needs a added boost. As you can imagine from the name 'Cupcake' it smells lovely, good enough to eat! The texture is quite thick and a little goes a long way which is a highlight as you only get a small pot at a time for around a fiver.
  • Babywipes- any brand but I prefer Johnsons.
I use babywipes every single day, they're amazing for taking make-up off. Also if I ever dye my hair they come in handy for cleaning up around the edges as I'm quite a messy hair dyer. I will use any babywipes as they all do their job, but Johnsons are the softest I find and given that my skin can become red very easily I prefer to use these.

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