Saturday, 8 September 2012

Before & After

Now i'm going to be brave and do a before and after make-up post. This is mainly because it facinates me just how different I look with and without make-up, I feel there's quite a difference. Now i'm not saying I hate myself without make-up on and i'm not the type of girl who refuses to leave the house without make-up either, but I can totally see how girls can feel so insecure about having to wear make-up all the time.

This was taken just before I had a bath, so I had taken off all my make-up and my hair is a state.... My skin looks lovely and clear here and my eyes stand out, overall not too bad.

Here I have used my everyday make-up listed in my posts below... As you can see there is quite the difference with make-up on!

Any of you guys care to bare? What's your thoughts on girls that 'have' to wear make-up before they leave the house?

Nicola Mai..x


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