Friday, 7 September 2012

Everyday Make-Up Review

Following my last post I thought it'd be great if I could review the products I cover my face in most days and discuss which I couldn't live without and which I would be willing to change.

I try and only use foundation on a special occasion or when i'm on a night out as I like to let my skin breath and keep spots to a bare minimum. I  like to try and change my foundation as I think my skin gets used to each one and I never seem to be able to carry on the same coverage after a few months. This Bourjois foundation so far has served me well, doesn't make me orange, the coverage is really good and I only need a little to cover my whole face so I don't mind paying so much for it, I do think that you should invest a little bit of money into a product that goes on your face.. I would defiantly come back to this product again and i'm thinking maybe my next foundation will be Borjois too.
I have used this same concealer ever since my mum told me about it when I was about 14 and I haven't strayed since. I once tried one of my friend's liquid concealers and just found it oily and horrible. This stick means that it's much easier to target problem areas and you can use as little or as much as you like for coverage! As a teenager I had quite good skin, but when I would get a breakout this gave me enough coverage to have confidence in my skin.
I don't often use powder, again only for special occasions or if I feel i'm happy a bad skin day and need a little more coverage. Overall i'm  unimpressed with the final outcome of this product as I find it becomes a little flaky and although i'm pale it makes me look even worse. For the price of this product I expected a lot more and as for 'dream matte powder' I don't think so.
I remember being little and watching my mum do her make-up and when I was old enough and got into doing my make-up regularly I bought another of the same products as her. Now one this I will say about this, which isn't a normal feature when looking for blusher is that this smells divine, I mean yum! But yes, the coverage is amazing, it's real easy to use a little and build it up for a more dramatic look or just have a little sweep for a light coverage. One thing I will say is that the brush you get with this product isn't great and I did invest in my own brush, apart from that I can't fault it!
This is a new addition to my  make-up bag and quite the steal! I am partial to the smokey eye look and this product does the trick fabulously, there are also many different shades to chose from this time I opted for the browns. Overall this is a good product, though the lightest of the three shades isn't bright enough for me. Something I would buy again, I would also like a set in every shade :)
I always make my eyes my main feature when doing my make-up, so a good eyeliner is a must. This Barry M product does just the job. I use this on the inside of my bottom lashes and although it eventually comes off it does last a good few hours, I hardly ever have to re-touch on a night out either. I like to switch and try different eyeliner pencils but I think I will always have one of these handy as a back up.
My 'signature' as some may call it would be eye flicks. I never leave the house with my flicks being done, so of course I need a loyal eyeliner to keep my eyes in tip-top shape and this is the product! I have differed from many different eyeliners for my upper eye-lid from pencils to liquid eyeliner pens and nothing comes close to this. The brush with this is brilliant, there isn't too much product left so it smudges and it glides easily so I can get the perfect flick (with a lot of panda eye practise in my younger years) I wouldn't even think about using something different.
I have fairly long natural lashes and I like a product to emphasise this, now while this product is quite good it hasn't got the WOW factor that I would like for the price I paid for it. Especially when I have used much cheaper brands and got a better coverage. The brush itself is quite good, but I find it doesn't separate my lashes as much as I like and can get too much of the product on at one time, which obviously means building lashes up for a dramatic look is out of the window. However, it isn't completely awful and will probably come in handy for a base coat mascara when I get another.
Now a lot of you reading this have probably or do probably use Vaseline or one of their products so I don't need to tell you how fabulous it is. It does it's job and smells lush, I like to use different lipbalms, but this is the one that always finds it's way into my handbag. In the Winter my lips become a horrible mess at times with the change of weather and this clears my chapped lips right up. I can't really fault it too much.
So readers, have you used any of these products and what were your experiences? Do you have any product reccomendations for my next buys?

Nicola Mai..x


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