Monday, 17 September 2012

Degree at 22?

I have recently being accepted to start an English Literature degree at University Centre Peterborough, which I am very very exicted about! I enrol this week and start my lectures on the 24th so it's all systems go to get everything sorted quickly.
After phoning the uni I had to sort out my UCAS, which if any of you have done this will know is one of the most tedious things known to man. I am now in the process in sorting out Student Finace, who I am convinced I will hate untill my loan actually comes in. I just have to send off one letter today and then that should all be fine, here's hoping anyway.
Now you may be wondering why I didn't do the convetional thing and go to uni at 18, also why i'm not moving away from home. I have always wanted a degree, but when the time came for me to go at 18 I freaked. Decided it wasn't for me and cancelled my place, I did this again when I was 20. Now I don't know whether this is due to being away from home or whatever, but I do know it was mainly due to a fear of failure. I mean it's a big deal to come home and admit defeat with your tail between your legs. As for moving away, well it's just more practical for me to stay with my parents. Also I have Ollie here and we're thinking of getting our own place at some point too, so it'd be silly for me to spend money to move away.
One day late August I finally thought, 'You know what you're wasting yourself.' I've been working in dead end retail jobs, when I have a half decent brain on my shoulders, so I rang my local uni up.
It's safe to say I am shitting a brick or two, but that's just due to never being in this situation yet. As for being nearly 22 and just starting university, i'm not too fussed. I've started my degree when it's right for me, when I won't get distracted by clubbing and cheap drink nights (not as much as I would've anyway) as I've done it all before. Besdies I have a baby-face so people will think i'm 18 anyway :P

Are any of you going to uni this year? What are you studying? What do you think on leaving it late to go to uni?

Nicola Mai..x


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