Friday, 7 September 2012


Well after 5 years of dying my hair dark brown (for it to then go black) I decided enough was enough and that I was finally going to dye my hair a lighter colour.
Of course I had to bleach it first and not wanting to spend £120+ for a hairdresser to do it I opted for a hair pre-lightner instead. After two applications- as you can imagine after 5 years of frequent hair dying dark it needed more than one go- I was left with a gingery kind of colour.
After deciding this wasnt all that hidious I added a light auburn colour and i'm really happy with the end result.

Although I love my new hair, my black hair was like a comfort blanket... So it's taken some adjusting shown below is the change from before I started to after.



Even though I would probably like to re-dye it so it's brighter and also it's a tad patchy (but I expected that) I have decided to give my hair a little bit of a break so it doesn't fall out on me!

Any of you guys got any hair troubles, nightmares or anything? Or is there some products you would have used instead? Perhaps an idea on what colour I can go next or what product to maintain a brighter shade of my current colour?

Nicola Mai..x


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