Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Soap and Glory! Recent uses and favourites :)

Now I know I am not alone with my love of Soap and Glory products, all over the blogging world there are many other lovers! I am addicted to Soap and Glory, officially a member of the club. I don't know whether it's the smell of the products, the cute vintage style packages or how they work but something certainly dings my dong.

Handbag essentials

Hand Food- £2.50/£5 depending on size. 
This hand moisturiser has to be one of the best I have ever come across. I suffer from chapped hands a lot in the Winter and being as impatient as I am like something that I can use instantly and on the go, this is the perfect product. Not only does it smell absolutely amazing, it dries within seconds without leaving my hands with that horrid greasiness afterwards. I don't have to keep applying it countless times throughout the day either as it's long lasting and with it being so cheap I'd say it goes above and beyond for the price you pay.

This is something I pop into my handbag for a quick spritz on the go, it smells floral and girly which for me is the perfect kind of scent. The smell is super long lasting and I find myself smelling my scarf to get a whiff of the smell hours later (does anybody else do this with fragrance?). I think this is ideal when you don't want to carry around a perfume bottle or don't have any travel size perfumes. I will definitely re-buy.

Hand Maid- £2.50
I probably shouldn't get as excited about hand sanitiser as I do but hey ho! This is amazing, seriously. This is great for popping into your handbag and super easy to use for a quick freshen up to make you feel that little bit cleaner. The smell is again as you'd expect from Soap and Glory divine, floral again for this product and doesn't leave you with that horrid hospital kind of smell afterwards. I normally use this alongside my Hand Food mositeriser mentioned above and using them both together leaves my hands silky smooth and smelly lush. So for £2.50 I think it's great for females that get excited about hand sanitisers.


Glad Hair Day- £2.50
Now this is one Soap and Glory product that I haven't been overally happy with and because I love the brand so much I am saddened to say it to be honest. Now the smell of this product is amazing, it smells fresh and spring like- fresh peaches to be exact. However, when it came to using the product I was left disapointed, it just didn't seem to 'clean' my hair and I was left with greasy hair after a few hours, I did of course re-try a couple of days later but the same thing happened. Now my mum has used it after me -I kindly passed it onto her- and she has had no problems and actually is loving this so it left me thinking that maybe it hasn't worked for me because I have long, thick hair while she has short and thinner hair. It hasn't put me off trying some of the other hair care, in fact I'm thinking of trying the conditoner next :)

Now anyone who has tried Soap and Glory or read up on Soap and Glory will have heard about this product i'm sure. I cannot rave about this enough, seriously I would be here all day! I am not usually the biggest fan of the citrusy smell, but this sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia smell really does it for me. It fresh and lively, I bought my first tub of this just before Christmas and it got me excited for Spring/Summer just by the smell. The scrub itself is great quality too, it has finer grains in it than the other body scrubs from the Soap and Glory range but still left me with super smooth and unflakey skin. I for one have become a tadge addicted to using this and use it most times that I get in the bath -which is everyday or every other day mainly- I just can't get enough!

Of course after trying the scrub I spotted this bay boy and had to buy it ;) with the same scent of the other Sugar Crush products it left me feeling bright and uplifted. I would say this is ideal for those kind of mornings where you don't really want to deal with life -cough cough Mondays- as it's the perfect scent to give you some get up and go! I know i'm not the only person loving this either as i'm pretty certain my mum keeps stealing some for herself :P

I'm not normally a big lover of skin care as I find my skin to be alright without using anything, but after suffering a minor breakout a few weeks ago I delved into some new stuff. Now I use this just on my face to lift off the dead skin, which I tend to get mainly around my nose, but you can use it on other places of the body too. It left my skin feeling really smooth and didn't lead to any inpurities as sometimes facial scrubs can do. I would recomend this to anyone really, as I tend to have sensitive skin and didn't have any negative reactions to the product.

If you feel like using any of these, or perhaps something else from the Soap and Glory range Boots is having a 3 for 2 deal at the moment as part of a Valentines offer- I am trying to restrain myself....

So is there products I haven't mentioned that you think I would like?
Do you have any alternate brands that you think I could have a look at?
Tell me your positive and negative Soap and Glory experiences :)

Nicola Mai..x 


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