Monday, 18 February 2013

NME Awards Tour @ Rock City 12/2/2013 (Miles Kane)

As I mentioned in a previous post Ollie and I booked tickets to stay in Nottingham so we could go to the NME Awards Tour to see Peace, Palma Violets, Miles Kane and Django Django... I unfortunately became ill at the end of the week before we were meant to go.. But decided I didn't want to lose the money we'd spent on the tickets for the train, hotel and gig.. (What a trooper!) So when we arrived I went straight to bed to rest up and we settled on going to just see our favourite of the bands, Miles Kane, we did manage to see two of the Palma Violets songs and one Django Django..

Palma Violets
I found them boring, nothing out of the ordinary at all and I actually wondered what they were doing playing an NME Awards Tour. However a lot of people seem to like them, so it may just be me but I certainly didn't enjoy the songs I heard from them. They also played a 5 minute instrumental with some weird hands in the air shaking type of stuff which I just didn't get- maybe I'm getting old?!
Setlist can be found here and it has snipets of the songs for you to listen too :)

Django Django
We saw the first song from their set as they were headlining and it was actually pretty good, if I had not of been ill I would've stayed and listened to the whole set but my bed was calling me! I could see what the hype was about surrounding this band and they certainly knew how to put on a performance, plus they sang which was an added bonus to the previous lot ;) They were upbeat and inviting, something I like to see when I don't know a band too well and they don't have much of a name for themselves. Here's a video of them from the night, take note of live recording and iphone cameras:

Miles Kane
I love love love Miles Kane, this was the 6th time I have seen him live and everytime he just gets better. Miles Kane and his band never fail to put on a good show, they are always lively and up for it, I also have a theory that Miles isn't content with leaving a stage until he knows every person in the audience is buzzing as much as he is. They just throw themselves into tune after tune without dropping in energy or enthusiasm once and it really is an amazing thing to see. There's nothing I like more when going to watch someone play their songs than an artist that loves it as much as the audience, someone who you can tell lives for it. Also he's an artist that sounds just as good live as on the album and you don't end up disappointed(I'm looking at you The Vaccines).Already a fan of Miles I was extremely excited when he started playing some new songs from his upcoming album; I would now like to be released so I can release my inner rock goddess around my room. But yeah, another top class performance from Miles and the lads and I look forward to seeing you again soon! Here's a video of his new song that he opened up with, obviously account for the non professional camera/live sound :)


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