Monday, 18 February 2013


 So my MAC order arrived earlier the other week and I got very very excited when it did. I chose the products online but when they arrived they looked SO much prettier than I first imagined. I was bought a MAC lipstick for Christmas by my lovely boyfriend, which was a nudey type colour that I could wear everyday. But as I am a lover of red lipstick and that's what I tend to wear when I go out/get dressed up I decided I needed to order a red one. So that's exactly what I did! I may have also slipped a blusher in, whoops ;)

I love blusher, I am starting a blush collection in fact! I think blush is perfect for Spring/Summer as it makes the face look fresh and alive. This blusher is perfect for that, as the name suggests it's an incredibly girly pink with a tiny shimmer running through it for some extra glam. I thought the colour was a tiny bit daunting when I first looked at it online, but then figured it can always be toned down with powder. I should definitely point out that a little goes a long way with this, so it's easily buildable, start with a little and work your way up to lose risk of looking like Co-Co the Clown rather than Co-Co Chic ;) Overall I am very happy with the colour, texture and formula of the product, I have not yet delved into cream blush (it scares me slightly?!). But I would strongly recommend this for a first time buyer like myself :)

EEEEEE! Lipstick and red lipstick at that! I literally couldn't of been more excited than when this lipstick arrived, I seem to have an unhealthily obsession with lipstick, especially those of the red shade. This colour is so pigmented and fierce; which is exactly how I feel when wearing it. The shade pops out against my eye colour and skin colour and it's just ahhh. I cannot get enough of it and in fact even though I bought this as more of a going out lipstick I have slipped it into my everyday make-up bag..

This is the finished look- although I am wearing bronzer so the blush is not as noticeable as when used by itself. As I am pale I feel the lipstick pops, which is something I like as I tend to stick to a simple eye. Overall I am happy with both products and am looking into buying more from the brand and these particular types of product.

Is there any MAC products you could recommend for me?
What are your favourite MAC products?

Nicola Mai..x


TheImperfectBeauty said...

Russian Red looks amazing on you hun! I've heard so many good things about it! My favourite MAC products are Hue & Well Dressed!:) xx

nicola smith said...

@TheImperfectBeauty thank you so much, I love this so much! I have Creme Cup also which is my 'nude' type shade.. I think I may end up with quite the collection!

Poppy Smith said...

russian red is such a beautiful shade isn't it, it really suits you :)
Poppy | lets drive far away x

nicola smith said...

@Poppy Smith oh yes it is! I love it so much. Thanks lovely :) xx

Julianne.x said...

Russian Red is top of my MAC wishlist! I only have one MAC product and its Plumful lipstick- I love it!


nicola smith said...

I am so addicted to MAC lipsticks, this is only my second one but I know there will be many many more!
I will check your blog now :)

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