Friday, 22 February 2013

Just a Quickie!

I'm posting quickly from my bed as I'm again feeling under the weather- it's been over two weeks now so I think I better go pester the doctor again!
One of the 4 lipsticks arrived in the post this morning but I'm going to wait and do one big lipstick post (Lipstick Collection) rather than do individual posts :)
I also have a What's In My Make-Up Bag/My Everyday Make-Up post planned so keep your eyes peeled!
If you'd like to see anything in particular then give me a shout and ill see if it's plausible! Hopefully ill be well enough soon to get blogging properly again :)
Lots of love!


Su Jackson said...

Hi Nicola, hope you're soon feeling better. If you really like Bomb Cosmetics proucts you might like to know that I'm an authorised retailer living in Peterborough. As well as selling them at shows and fairs around Cambridgeshire you can host a Bombtastic Party in your own home! Let me know if you would like more details x

PS I have just shared your fabulous blog on our Facebook page

nicola smith said...

@Su Jackson
That's amazing to know! :D
& thank you so much!

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