Sunday, 6 January 2013

Plans Plans Plans!

Everybody likes to have things to look forward to right?! With starting uni again at the end of the month and knowing I'll have to crack down to work I'll at least have a few snippets of fun in between essay writing and never ending reading. Besides everyday life is much more bearable when your counting down to something fun. I also happen to have a lot of personal dates in the calender from January through to March, things which should be celebrated. So now it's just a case of getting organised and getting everything paid for then sitting back and enjoying myself!

21st- Blood Red Shoes,Norwich.

I have been a fan of Blood Red Shoes for a long while now, when I saw they were touring I was pretty pleased as I haven't yet got a chance to see them. As trains don't run late enough for us to get back home Ollie and I will be staying the night and will most likely head to one of Norwich's finest cocktail bars.I should probably note that this is my anniversary present for the following month :)

Birthdays-  My sisters (22nd), Ollie's sister (26th)
Events- Going back to uni.

12th- NME Tour 2013, Nottingham

I will try to contain my excitement while writing this as I am buzzing for one artist in particular, in fact he is the main reason Ollie and I wanted to go in the first place; Mr Miles Kane! Other artists playing are Django Django, Palma Violet and Peace, although I haven't seen these three before I am excited to see them after I had a listen on YouTube and as they are playing as part of the NME Tour I'm expecting them to be decent live.

Django Django

 Miles Kane
Palma Violet


As this event is so close to Valentines, we are going to use it as our celebrations, stay over night at the Hilton, go out to dinner, get drunk, whatever really.

14th- Valentines Day
As we have our anniversary so close and already have plans for Valentines we've planned to stay in, either i'll cook or we'll be lazy and order take-out.

16th- Ollie and I's year anniversary
So far I think the plan is to go out to dinner, although we haven't decided on a resturant yet. My guess will be either Chiquitos or Prezzo as we love both of these, then maybe head into town for a few drinks.

26th- Yellowcard, London
Now this is Ollie's anniversary present, not that I am complaining because I adore Yellowcard. They are playing at KoKo, a venue I have never been too so i'm looking forward to see what it's like. We're not staying overnight as trains from London are pretty good.

9th- As it's Ollie's 21st the day after and I don't want to intrude on anything his family may have planned, I am planning a special day for him the day before. Taking him to London to do all the touristy bits and bobs that we've been planning to do together since we met. So we're heading onto the London Eye, into the Aquraium and into Madame Tussauds, getting some dinner, going to all the sights... Well you get the drift.

10th- Ollie's Birthday & Mothers Day- This day will be full of Ollie's family plans and making sure his day is extra special. I will also make sure to make my Mum's day a little special too ;)

Birthdays-Ollie's stepdad (5th- so Ollie informs me), Ollie's Mum (8th), Ollie (10th).
Events- Essays due! :( EASTER! & Easter holidays!

So those are my first three months of 2013 so far, the things I am most looking forward too anyway. I will also review the gigs, resturants and be taking many pictures along the way so I'm sure it'll get updated onto my blog :)

Is there anything you're looking forward too in particular this year?
Are you going to any of these events?
Nicola Mai..x


Second Hand Rose said...

Wow sounds like you have a busy next three months!! Happy early anniversary and I hope you enjoy all the music, it sounds great! XxxX

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