Saturday, 5 January 2013

Maybe she's born with it... Maybe it's Maybeline!

Yes I did just sing the title in my head like the advert ;)
Any who, today I am going to discuss the mascaras I use on a daily basis.

The purple one is Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara which retails in Boots for £7.99 and the second one is
Maybelline Colossal Mascara - Volum' Express which again retails in Boots at £7.19. I feel like both are reasonably priced, not too steep for how they work, I have use the Colossal mascara since it first came out and tend to use the Falsies just as an extra layer if I'm on a night out or something.

 The wand on the left is for the Falsies and the one on the right is the Colossal, I tend to steer towards large brushes, I despise the thin plasticity feeling brushes you can get with some mascara. As you can see the Falsies wand is curved slightly, but I don't see that this makes much of a difference to my eyelashes. The Colossal wand is huge, very plump and long, which is fine for me as I have been bless with long eyelashes, but those with shorter natural may struggle using this without a little bit of practise.

As you can probably tell the eye on the left is after coverage and the one on your right is before, I should also add that this is without using an eyelash curler as I stupidly broke mine whilst trying to open a bottle of J20 (don't ask!).  I use one coat of the Colossal to begin, then go over it with Falsies, finishing with a final smooth over of Colossal. I find that the Colossal is best for thickening and separating my lashes, while the Falsies lengthens them. I don't tend to be left with clumps or flaking, although I have seen online that some users have suffered flaking with the Falsies mascara though perhaps this is because I am not using it by itself.

I use these two mascaras as a set everyday and I find them to be incredibly long lasting, they can go from day to night, uni to the pub and even lasts through an afternoon nap! In fact when I'm taking it off with a baby wipe it takes a few goes before I have it all off.

I would give the Falsies a 8/10 as I only use it for lengthening and it does that job nicely and the Colossal is a 9/10 as I just can't rave about it enough!

So, is there any mascaras you could tell me about that can do both of the things I want in one? Any recommendations of mascaras you love?

Nicola Mai..x


Second Hand Rose said...

Thanks for the great reviews! I'm always wary of Maybelliene as so many people have said it clumps! These look great though and your eyes look gorgeous! XxxX

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