Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Year... A Better Me?

So it's the 29th of December, Christmas has gone, the turkey has been eaten and I for one am left with this impending doom on how to celebrate New Year. Do I go out into town where it will be packed mostly full of strangers and celebrate it with them, or do I sit in watching everyone elses festivities on the box? Neither seems outwardly appealing to me.

But, it is that time of year where we make false promises to ourselves! Although they are only false because they are unrealistic, I mean who's going to go from a size 24 to a size 10 in a year?! I am not going to put myself on some ridiculous diet and suffer for a month, just to end up crying into a family size bar of Galaxy and hating myself for not achieving.

This year I told myself I would set goals that are realistic and that will change me for the better, not just a quick change for 3 months of the year. So here they are:
  • Save money each week- I am a terrible terrible shopper, I am horrific with money and I shouldn't be allowed to go near it... I'm just one of those people. But, this year I am going to try and save as much money as I can, even if it's a fiver some weeks and fifty on others I will save something each week. This is with good incentive as Oliver and I want to buy a house together, but it will also prove to me that I can save and can get something nice at the end of it. Besides, I have a million and one eyeshadow pallets... So do I really need another one? (My head is saying yes.)
  • Organise my time- As I study English Literature at uni I have an awful lot of reading and essay writing to do, this first semester I ended up making myself very ill as I stressed myself out. I realise that perhaps some of this stress stemmed from the fact I did not take a step back from what I was doing and plan. I am a good planner, I love lists and I like to know exactly what is what, so that's what I'm going to do this year.
  • Get more sleep!- I don't tend to sleep very often and when I do it's at weird times of the day and only for a few hours. I seem to have tried everything; sleeping tablets, relaxing before bed, making myself abnormally tired so I sleep through the night. It's frustrating and in turn not doing my body any favours so this is something I would like to tackle as soon as possible.
  • Stop putting myself out- Take note that is putting myself out, not putting out ;) I have spent the past few years putting myself out for 'friends' who quite clearly couldn't give two fucks about me. This year I am going to be selfish. I am not going to get my bank account down to 0 to come and visit you in another city for you to not text me at all when I get back, I am not going to come to a family event and come to your house every time you call for you to disappear on me for weeks at a time. I do not need people like this in my life, they give me nothing positive.
 So there they are, what are your plans for New Year? What resolutions have you made?

Nicola Mai..x


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