Thursday, 22 November 2012

Kukee Jewellery

Well I am very very happy today as my Kukee jewellery arrived!

As you can see here it is all sweetly packaged and cute as anything.
Top to bottom, left to right I have; Navajo Feather necklace/earrings (£3.50), Swirly Stone earrings in Black (£1.50), Reaper Hand necklace (£2.50), Colourful Owl necklace (£2.50), Dangly Pendant Ear Cuff in Cross (£1.50), Multi Spike Ear Cuff (£1.00), Out of this world necklace in Planet (£2.50) & a cute over knuckle ring which was thrown in for free.
I also got a Skull bangle bracelet in gunmetal (£3.50)and tiny skull earrings (£1.50) but the pictures wouldn't focus, boo!
All of this came to £20!! Can you believe it? P&P was only £2.20, I ordered this in the early hours on Sunday and it arrived this morning, so quick delievery. Now Kukee is based in the UK, but I do believe products are shipped everywhere your P&P will just differ :)

I am really impressed with both the service and the products and I can tell I will be getting a lot of wear out of them. I can't wait for another splurge on the site, though I will wait for a little while.. I also think these would be perfect as stocking fillers and little presents for Christmas (don't shoot me it is nearing the end of Novemeber!)

You can find the website here:
Hopefully you find some cute bits and get ordering!

Nicola Mai..x


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